Forever Profit System Review

Forever Profit System

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If you're the rest who are looking for the in-depth review of the Forever Profit System course, keep reading because you found it right here.

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What is Forever Profit System ?

Forever Profit System is the Internet Marketing training product created by Justin Spencer. You may or may not hear his name, but in the IM field, he is not newcomer any more. In fact, he is a young talented CEO, Author and Internet Marketer: CEO of Leadvertise, Inc.; Author of Best-seller book “The Simple Truth About Making Money On the Internet” and as the role of Internet Marketer, he provided some other successful products which tend to have many people love them.

Forever Profit System
Justin Spencer - Author of Forever Profit System course

Because I personally knew him and his quality products, so after hearing that he’s about launching a new IM course, I  intermediately do a research on this product to see what it is and how it works.

In detail, Forever Profit System is a series of informational tools and videos which are designed mainly to help you quickly get the RIGHT mindset of Making Money Online, so you can easily understand the knowledge provided and take into action. 

In other words, through the course, you will step-by-step get the main ideas of Making money online by the RIGHT information, RIGHT examples and RIGHT taking action steps. “RIGHT” here means: Tested, results-based strategies which Justin has used to make a 5 figure income each month.

Who does Forever Profit System made for ?

Well, maybe you’re asking yourself whether this course is suitable for you. To answer this, just think if you are one of the following 3 types (if not all 3!):

1) You are on the way to seek for financial independence in your life so that you can enjoy the REAL freedom.

2) You are a person who has been overly tired of "the normal" routine and you are NOT willing to settle any longer.

3) You are searching for someone authentic, honest and transparent to guide you in an unbiased manner, but someone who will hold you accountable for what it is you TRULY want, and to help you MAKE this lasting change.

If you feel yourself to be related even remotely to 1 of 3 above assumptions, then you’re lucky, this course MAY be made for you. However, before concluding, it is better to see what is the pros and cons of Forever Profit System.

Benefits of Forever Profit System

Forever Profit System
The income per month of Justin Spencer - from 4 to 5 figure

Easy to Understand and Follow up

As a training course, it is supposed that the Forever Profit System will be detailed, easy-to-follow and vivid guides. Fortunately, Justin Spencer had done those tasks very well. He brings us an IM training course with the combination of eBook/Video/Mindmaps, etc. which all are displayed as flow presentation. It makes the learning process more fun and attractive.


This is another great factor to consider. Most other courses provide bonuses that are many times unrelated to the topic or even no bonuses at all. Forever Profit System provide some powerful gifts such as Amazon Kindle Copy of Justin’s book “The Simple Truth About Making Money On the Internet”, Exclusive Reports and $1500 website templates, etc. With those bonuses, Forever Profit System will give you much more value for your money.

Suitable for Many Levels

Justin knows that in the buzz who interested in his course, the knowledge levels are not the same, so he did structure the course, so that it can meet the needs of those Huge market. In details, there are 3 packages within it, so you can learn from the lesson 1 if you are a newcomer, or just skip to the advanced ones to learn only things you want.  It’s totally up to YOU.


Forever Profit System has the price that at first glance you probably think “There’s no way it’s worth that much.” But if you compare the cost of Forever Profit System to other IM courses, especially courses without videos or bonuses, you will see how the Forever Profit System is affordable. Of course it would be nice if the course is less expensive, it would be unfair for the author while he contributed so many efforts into this to bring us a useful course.

Weakness of Forever Profit System

Forever Profit System


Will NOT Work for All Types of Making Money Online

The Forever Profit System provides you some tested, proof-based ways to make money online, and if you follow them strictly, there would be more chances that you can make some first dollars. But it is still in some niche scopes, so you can’t hope it will tell you all the methods available out there to make money online. In stead, after finishing the course, you will get the base to continue moving on.

Will Take a Long Time to Fully Understand

If you look for a rapid way to get rich, Forever Profit System is not for you, because the program is long-term. It totally makes sense, since learning to make money online is not a five or ten minutes process. The course itself is not that long, but to truly understand all the knowledge provided, it will take time.

Need More Mind Training Exercises

Making money online requires some certain mindset. Justin did this quite well, but it would never be enough. It is only almost a half way to success. The rest you will need to train yourself. No one can help you to make money online if you even don’t trust on it. You really have to spend a lot of time thinking differently about yourself as well as the potential of online business. The main goal is that you totally believe that “I can do it.”

You Still Need to Practice

Since no one can do this for you. Forever Profit System course will provide you the basic guides and powerful tools so you can start the online business, but YOU need to follow that guides and learn how to use the tools until you find the way that work best for you. Many people forget it, they think just finishing this course and they can make BIG money like a pro! It will never happen, at least in the real world. Remember: Practice makes perfect.

Overall Concluding of Forever Profit System

After reading many features and weakness I listed above, this is time I need to show up my personal idea to clarify: Is Forever Profit System a good product ? and Is it worth to purchase ?

Well, they are not easy to answer. It depends on your goal.

Yes, the Forever Profit System is worth your purchase if you’re really interested in finding the myths behind Make Money Online scene. And the most important is you're willing to make anything to reach the goal.

However, the course is not a good one and you will waste of money if you look for a All-in-the-table course which does everything for you. In fact, the Forever Profit System seems to be a fishing-rod, and if you want to eat fish, you need to learn how to use that fishing-rod to catch the fishes by yourself.

Still, Forever Profit System appears to be informational for not only newbies, but also experienced Internet Marketers. Whether your goal is, it is nice to consider this course.

To get more info about Forever Profit System, visit its homepage and check out Justin’s introduction here.

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